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Pursuing the adventure of my life

What is happiness? What does being happy look like? Is happiness the ultimate goal of a human or are we meant for more? 

Happiness can be such a fleeting moment in time, can't it? If we could measure happiness after we passed away, would we be considered 'successful' if we spent more than 50% of our lives in a state of happiness?

My belief is that pursuing the adventure of our lives is better than trying to find a way to be happy ALL the time. Happiness to me is an emotion and as human beings, we have access to a full range of emotions (well, most of us anyway) and that experiencing all of them is the ultimate way to fully live our only life on Earth. Could you imagine never knowing what love feels like out of fear, or pure joy when something good happens? Or even being heartbroken as it teaches you so many lessons! Have you ever listened to a piece of music, only to realize your eyes are filled with tears as the last note is played? 

I recently read an email from Jordan B. Peterson he sent as a weekly newsletter (which was the inspiration for this) and one sentence in particular really resonated with me: 

'To pursue your life's adventure is better than happiness; it's meaning and redemption'. 

Welcome to my journey as I fully commit to pursuing the adventure of my life. Perhaps it will inspire you to pursue yours.


Travel With Me

Travel has been one of, if not the biggest, things that has impacted my life and made realize that I wasn't doing life the way I wanted. In my blog, I will be sharing some of my travel adventures and lessons learned.

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Hi there! I'm Tanya

I'll spare you the boring details, but let's just say that I grew up with divorced parents, in a somewhat strict religious household and if you ask anyone, I was a very shy and quiet kid...until I turned 16 haha 

My rebellious phase ended around 10 years later and included 3 daughters, one divorce, one bankruptcy and a whole lot of burnout & depression! Luckily, one trip to New Orleans and one trip to Italy were the catalyst to me completely changing my mindset and was the start of my personal growth and development. Now if you ask anyone, I'm that loud girl who probably had one glass of wine too many, having a blast and being the social butterfly (unless of course I decided to stay home...you can't take the introvert outta the girl!). 

I have always thought that the typical 9-5, work 35 years 'til you retire and then enjoy life was total BS and so I have spent the last few years trying different things to see what lights my soul on fire. Juggling motherhood, a career and trying to find out who you actually are after years of just trying to survive is HARD, but I have been having so much fun learning and LIVING in the process. 

I want my children to grow up with an open mind, a hunger to discover and try new things and to pursue their own life's adventure. Limiting ourselves because of our fears or concerns about what other people may think or say is not something I want to do any longer, so I have created this space to be fully ME. By showing my loves, my interests, my discoveries, my fears, my bad days as well as the good, I hope to inspire someone else to go full out into pursing their own life's adventure and if we're lucky, we'll find 'happiness' in the process. 

I would absolutely love to hear from you and your own life's adventures, so please feel free to send me an email so we can chat! 


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